Enid M Ablowitz, CFRE, CSPG

Making Money Matter

A donor-centric resource for better giving .

Welcome to the world of giving.

We all do it. We give to family and friends. To causes and organizations. We give love and time and money. And we all do it differently.

We have different upbringing, influences, styles, motivations, experiences, expectations and even our own perception of satisfaction or joy in the way we give.

How we give, what we give, why we give and when we give is as unique as we are.

MAKING MONEY MATTER is about providing insight and commentary, tips and tools, opinions and references, all to stimulate better giving, better getting and better stewardship. MAKING MONEY MATTER takes a donor-centric point of view and celebrates the alignment of values that drives and sustains the ever-growing, increasingly important Third Sector.

Introduction to the site.

Enid’s Blog is a conversation about giving.  Posts will include new articles continuing her popular MAKING MONEY MATTER column (with nearly 200 previously published articles in the Daily Camera), and so much more.  Short blurbs on recent news-worthy philanthropic reports or events or resources.   Tools developed for donors or fundraisers. Best practices for non-profits and fundraisers.  Donor Stories.   “Did you Know?” and “Tax-wise Giving.”  Exploration of gift and estate planning philanthropic strategies.  Answers to questions posed by readers.  Controversial issues and opinions on philanthropy. I invite you to participate through comments and submissions to [email protected].

Articles and Resources is a place to go to find Enid’s (copyrighted) writings and resources.  There will also be curated reports or articles by others organized by themes or by date.

Links provides great sources of more information at select websites organized by categories with short narrative descriptions.

Explore the 1.0 version of this website knowing there’s much more to come!

‘Til next time — Give Well, Give for Good.