Fare (and give) Well

Dear readers, In 1999 it began. 2016 marks the end. For nearly sixteen years I have enjoyed the opportunity to have my own little soapbox to explore and to share thoughts about charitable giving by writing columns in the Daily Camera. My goal was to stimulate and stretch the conversation about giving in all its … Continue reading Fare (and give) Well

Feminism and Philanthropy

Gender differences in philanthropy have been the subject of studies, articles and fundraising seminars. Do women give more? Are there different motivations? Consider the following according to Forbes, Women Moving Millions and the Chronicle of Philanthropy: Women control over half the private wealth in the US and make 80% of all purchases. Women live longer, … Continue reading Feminism and Philanthropy

Controversial Giving

What could be controversial about giving away money? Let’s look at three examples that are both complex and nuanced. Fortune magazine reports that through Microsoft Philanthropies, Microsoft pledged $1billion to non-profits and university researchers. The resource gift, valued at $1 billion, “will include tools for letting users develop and run applications” and “use its cloud’s … Continue reading Controversial Giving

Affluenza and Poverty

For many years a family’s holiday trip to Mexico included a joint party to celebrate their two children’s late December birthdays. The kids took turns each year selecting their favorite piñata from the Princesses and Turtles and other exported characters at the Americanized party store. The Mexican style food was always plentiful, provided by a … Continue reading Affluenza and Poverty

Intergenerational Generosity: Here Come the Boomers!

During the holidays and especially at Thanksgiving, gratitude is the pervasive theme: gratitude for sustenance, for bounty, for freedom. Gratitude for life itself. Gratitude can beget generosity. Gratitude is often enhanced by the passage of time and the aging process. In fact, increasing numbers of Baby Boomers” who have had successful careers, whose children are … Continue reading Intergenerational Generosity: Here Come the Boomers!

Sustainability for Non-profits Means Multi-year Plans, Organization-wide Development

Too many organizations create their fundraising plans a year at a time and they focus on the tactical aspects of special events, sponsorships, grant writing, direct mail solicitations and the identifiable and likely charitable gifts. If fundraising goals haven’t been met in previous years, and/or the expense projections seem too high, the tendency is to … Continue reading Sustainability for Non-profits Means Multi-year Plans, Organization-wide Development

A New Chapter

After more than 25 years of service in multiple and varied permutations, I have retired from the University of Colorado. In 1989 I was fortunate to enter the advancement profession in the College of Engineering at CU Boulder. Having come from the entrepreneurial for-profit world as a business founder, I was given the opportunity to … Continue reading A New Chapter

Crowdfunding Then and Now

On May 1, 2015, an iconic fundraising event was retired. As a child of the 50’s growing up in New York, the memory of the first Muscular Dystrophy Association’s Carnegie Hall telethon is still vivid (in black in white.) By the 60’s, the Labor Day weekend event was embedded in the culture, with Jerry Lewis … Continue reading Crowdfunding Then and Now

Going Global with Giving

Are you traveling internationally this summer? The dollar is strong and buying power is greater than it has been in a long time. A honeymoon with secluded beaches? A long awaited trip for birding? A cityscape? Museums? A trek to new heights? Fabulous food? A service learning or mission trip? Travel awakens our senses…and can … Continue reading Going Global with Giving

Philanthropy Under Fire

It seems that even the so-called good guys don’t always get it right. Philanthropy, often perceived as the selfless, altruistic pursuit of giving, can also breed dissonance in what is right, proper, effective, legal, ethical, pure, culturally acceptable, purposeful, elevated, noble or even desirable. Just consider the increasing chatter that judges philanthropy or the management … Continue reading Philanthropy Under Fire

Love and Philanthropy

Another greeting card holiday. What’s your style? Mushy? Romantic? Light-hearted? How long do you take to select a card? Does the expensive piece of folded paper express your emotions or is it perfunctory? Do you buy chocolate too? Or flowers? Or what about the little candies that say Be Mine? Are they an invitation, just … Continue reading Love and Philanthropy