Enid M Ablowitz, CFRE, CSPG

Making Money Matter

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It’s Not Your Parents’ Philanthropy

Maybe for you it isn’t about galas or estate planning. And guilt (or payback) just isn’t your thing.

As an X or a Y or a Z you learned to ‘think different’ and you don’t apologize for it. Instant gratification. 140 character communication. Giving your way.

Tips for “giving different”

  1. Volunteer. Regularly. Make it more than a resume builder.
  2. Run, walk, bike, ski, climb, or swim for a cause.
  3. Spread the word about a gift you enjoyed giving.
  4. Buy the right stuff from companies that give back.
  5. Check out the personal appeal stories. They might be scams.
  6. Sign up for payroll deduction… or make it part of your business plan.
  7. Click that Donate now button, text a gift, make a microgrant.
  8. Learn what it takes to make a difference.
  9. Do it. Now!

Strategic philanthropy simply means going beyond impulse giving and asking yourself, will my gift matter? What will it accomplish? In the world of “Just Do It”, think “Do It Well”.

‘Til next time — Give Well, Give for Good.